2018 Fundraiser runs through Friday, November 16th


With the tremendous success of last year’s 1st “Race for Education”, our most successful PTA fund raising event, RCES students will be off to the races again this year supporting the ‘No Kid Hungry’ Campaign. The PTA’s “No Kid Hungry Fun Run” is live Friday October 26th, with race day on Friday, November 16th.


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The No Kid Hungry Fun Run drives home the common good curriculum, which aims to teach students active citizenship, responsible leadership, an entrepreneurial mindset, and confidence.


Our Goals

  • Raise funds for much needed school supplies for RCES
  • Help the student body recognize the tragic impact hunger has on students across our country and right here in Montgomery County.


Most of the money we raise will go to RCES classrooms, with a portion to No Kid Hungry.


Our target is to beat last year’s impressive $25,594.00. The more we raise, the greater the percentage goes toward helping to feed kids who are struggling with hunger in school. Our most important school supply is food!


For this to be a success, our children need to understand why they are participating. The national statistic that ‘1 in 6’ students face hunger every day is probably accurate for Rachel Carson. It’s heartbreaking to think how hard it must be to try to learn while fatigued from lack of food and on an empty stomach. Through the week of the 29th our teachers are introducing the reality that there are students who do not eat a full meal every day of the week across the country. Hunger is particularly tragic for the young, who need good nutrition to grow and develop healthy bodies and strong minds. You can help bring awareness to your children as well by visiting https://www.nokidhungry.org.


Together let’s reinforce in our children that they are empowered to enact change, and can positively impact the world around them.


The fundraiser and lessons will culminate on Friday, November 16th with “The Race."  Our children will walk or jog around the upper field as many times as possible for 45 minutes. There are multiple levels of rewards for sponsorship by individual, by teacher, and by grade level. See rewards schedule below.


To participate, your kids should reach out to family and friends and explain their goal of raising money to help their school and the No Kid Hungry Campaign. They should direct people to “Donate to Participant” in their name at https://rachelcarson.myfunrun.com/; or, by sending a check (payable to RCES PTA); or bringing in cash to their classroom.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to Chad Older, at chad@chadolder.com or our race coordinator, Heather Webb, at heather.webb@jhilburnpartner.com.



Race For Education PRIZES!!

  • A treat for all Race for Education participants after the “race
  • A Treasure Box prize card for students who receive 1 donation
  • A Pajama & Stuffed Animal Day card for students who receive 3 donations
  • A free Activity Book (Pre-K) or “Choose Your Seat at Lunch” card (K-5th) for students who receive 6 donations
  • A choice of a free Stuffed Animal or a Lego Mini Set for students who receive 9 donations
  • A Movie & Popcorn Party for each class that receives an average of three sponsor donations per student
  • The opportunity to Silly String the “A Team” (e.g., Principal, Assistant Principal, Assistant School Administrator) for the class with the highest average of sponsor donations per student
  • The designation of “Principal for the Day” for the student with the most number of donations
  • The designation of “Assistant Principal for the Day” for the student with the second most number of donations
  • The chance to eat lunch with the Principal and receive a fun gift basket for the student who raises the most money

And, as a special treat for reaching our goal of $25,000, Mrs. Hammond will dress as a TURKEY for the day as a way to “give thanks” for the RCES’ community’s generosity.


We are Helping Others AND Helping Ourselves!! #VisionDrivenHerons #TeamHeron #TeamNoKidHungry



2017 Event Update

Our 1st annual Race for Education was a success, thanks to all of our generous supporters! The race marked the final milestone in a month-long campaign to raise money for RCES and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. To say that the RCES community was an inspiration is an understatement. The kids were truly into the cause--petitioning friends and families for money through YouTube messages; sending heartfelt letters ("I would feel sad and empty inside if I were in Hurricane Harvey. If I lost everything in my house I would be devastated. I would also feel happy because I know people are looking out for me and raising money."); and sending in whatever money they could (many families sent in spare change; all money was very much appreciated)! We even had a teacher send in a generous donation on behalf of her class! Mrs. Hammond offered to dress as a turkey if we met our goal of $24,000, and although we were just shy of that goal (we raised almost $21,000!), she dressed as a turkey anyways. And, the kids LOVED it!


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. We believe this fundraiser served not only to raise money for two great causes, but also to teach the kids an important life lesson.







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