Mr Aleshevich

Birthday:  May 5th

Book or Author: 

Flower: Tahitian rose - only found in Tahiti and you can't pick it
Coffee/Morning Drink: Venti pike place black
Snack or Treat: Almonds and any fruit, Tic Tacs

Restaurant: Cava
Store: REI
Hobby: Camping, hiking

Anything else?

Mrs Hammond

Birthday:  November 14th

Book or Author: 

Flower:  Sunflower
Coffee/Morning Drink: Iced Coconut milk mocha macchiato; sweet tea
Snack or Treat: Dark chocolate covered almonds, any kind of popcorn, Mounds/Almond Joy; 100 Grand; Flavored jelly beans

Restaurant: Chipotle, Nalley Fresh
Store: Dress Barn, Home Goods/TJ Maxx
Hobby: Spending time with family and Friends, reading

Anything else? I really appreciate the PTA! ;-)

Miss Seidel

Birthday:  August 29th

Book or Author: 

Flower:  Roses and tulips
Coffee/Morning Drink: Starbucks Skim Chai or DD Decaf coffee
Snack or Treat: Chips and hummus, Dove chocolate

Restaurant: Nalley Fresh
Store: Target, Kohl's, Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Hobby: Shopping, spending time with family, reading, traveling

Anything else? 






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