PTA Meeting Schedule

When: the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, unless otherwise noted

Where: Media Center



Shout out to the following key volunteers who worked hard all summer long to prepare for the first week of school!

Lindsay Perrell, Erin Quinn, Ellie Hitt, Greg Webb, Heather Creasy, Wendy Stickle, Holly Khalaf, Giulia Mason, Allyson Wetter, Danielle Miller, Meredith Fogle, Angie Borkat, Lynsey Burgess and Mary Foringer


Thank you to Ellie Hitt and the first grade parents who organized a very successful Back to School Picnic, along with everyone who came out and volunteered! A big shout out to Lindsay Perrell, Erin Quinn and all out our treat fairy donors. Additional shout outs to Amanda Mushro, Heather Creasy, Wendy Stickle, Giulia Mason

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out with our Fall Bookfair, Pizza Bingo Night and Dads, Dudes & Donuts, especially Lindsay Perrell, Jenna Goldblatt, Mary Chu, Meredith Fogle, Ellie Hitt and the kindergarten and third grade parents who helped organize these events. Shout out to Angie Borkat for organization of the Race for Education. Additional shout outs to Amber Holmes, Erin Quinn, Mrs Hammond, Giulia Mason, Allyson Wetter, Danielle Kordella, BarT staff, Harvey Custis and the entire building services staff! 

Big thanks to Angie Borkat, Sarah Brunick, Suzanne Dell’Orfano and everyone who involved is pulling off a very successful first Race for Education! Thanks also to Bonny Yaen in her last year organizing the school directory, and to McFall and Berry Landscaping for all of the amazing work they're doing to revive our courtyard!


Thank you to Amber Holmes, Science Fair Chair, and Meredith Fogle, VP of Social, for another impressive Science & Invention Night! Thanks also to Wendy Stickle for organizing the Chick-Fil-A spirit night, and to Erin Quinn and Lindsay Perrell for a spicy & successful Chili Cook-Off!



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